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Backup software

Risk-like game goes widescreen

Beaming Station
Turn your Palm into a mobile data distributor

Better fonts for your NX CLIE

Speed things up a little with better processor control

Salling Clicker
Bluetooth Remote Control for Tungsten T and Mac

AcidImage 2
Fast image viewer gets new options

Aerodrome Aero Player 2
The popular MP3 player for OS 5 gets even better

Audible Player 2
Download books to your Tungsten T's SD card

AvantGo for OS 5
AvantGo brings news gathering software to OS 5

City Time 4.0
Great geochron app upgraded with 320 x 320 maps

Manage files on VFS Palms with ease

Monopoly and Scrabble
Your favorite games to go

Mazingo Video Service
Mazingo takes news a step further with video downloads

Real One Player
Simpler MP3 player from Real Audio

ScreenShot for OS 5
Great way to share what you're doing

TV Guide + Remote Control

Kudos for Coola!
New software enables Web-to-Palm HotSync

Games! 38
Billiards, Knight Move, and Biplane Ace are reviewed

Filemaker Mobile
A Mac/Jfile user's perspective: good but a little limited

Outliner offers a lot of power for a low price

Dragon Bane
Sophisticated RPG for Palm still hot

Ancient Red
Shareware Sightings: 3D isometric game for the Palm

Fun from the early days of computer gaming

Turn your Palm into a biking computer

City Time
World time program

Browser for the Palm VII

A justifiable expense for today's road warrior

JP Systems
Three apps help make your Palm wireless

Compose muic on your Palm

MultiMail Pro
Actual Software does email right

Palm OS 3.3
Faster, some upgrades required

Peanut Reader
Never be without a good book

Pen News PQA
Making a basic PQA is easy, here's how we made ours

Pendragon Forms
The easiest forms software gets better

Quicksheet 4.0
A neat little spreadsheet

Puma Intellisync
Sync with a number of PIMs

Satellite Forms
Very powerful forms software

Shareware Sightings from Kermit Woodall

Add word completion software to your Palm

The first "must have" Palm VII software

TV Guide for your Palm