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Beaming Station 2 go

Turn your Palm into a mobile data distributor

by Larry Becker

Posted November 20, 2003

Who would want the ability to beam multiple files automatically and continuously from a "beaming station?" And wouldn't it be expensive to have such a thing? Not if you know about BeamPRO Expo, a program that transforms just about any pre-OS 5 Palm into a beaming station.

If you're interested in beaming a number of programs and files at the same time to anyone with a Palm, BeamPRO Expo from Ecamm Network ( lets you set it up and walk away and your Palm will beam the files automatically.

Set up is fairly intuitive and selecting files, programs, appointments, etc. is done by simply tapping a checkbox. If you have a large group of items that you'll need to select repeatedly, a Favorites category is available so you don't have to go through a lengthy setup process each time you set up your beaming station. Over the years since I first started using BeamPRO Expo, customer requests have influenced the addition of expansion card capabilities and the ability to beam to non-Palm OS devices like phones and Pocket PCs.

BeamPRO Expo takes up about 100K of RAM. BeamPRO (non-Expo) is a similar program with similar capabilities but doesn't offer unattended beaming. BeamPRO Expo uses system calls that require a pre-OS5 device to allow automated beaming, so don't plan to use your new T3 as a beaming station.

Trade shows, corporate offices, college classrooms, and anywhere people gather with Palm OS handhelds and want to share data are ideal environments for a beaming station. For a trade show environment you'll want to hook the Palm to a charger of some sort and lock it down in some kind of container so you can have a 'beaming station' that won't walk away.

As a trainer with hundreds of students in a classroom environment, I've modified my beaming station to make it handheld. I set up the files and programs I want to beam and close my Palm in a RhinoSkin molded aluminum hard case which I've modified to expose the IR port. I tape the unit shut inside the case and pass it around to the class and that way they all get the items I want to beam to them without having to visit a beaming station.

BeamPRO Expo is available from and costs US$59.95 after the 30 day trial period expires.

-Larry Becker

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