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All the way to Lightspeed

Speed things up a little

by Shawn Barnett

Posted November 20, 2003

Whether you want to go faster or have more battery life, Lightspeed 1.2 will get you there... provided you have a Palm OS device with an Intel XScale processor. There are quite a few of these lately. Among the fastest is the Tungsten C at 400MHz. Lightspeed can make it run at 600MHz. It can also speed up the system bus, from the normal 100MHz to 265MHz. Sony's latest NX units can go all the way up to 165MHz bus or 370MHz CPU. The settings can be applied by application or to all apps at once. There's also a power save mode that takes the NX devices down to 16MHz bus and 33MHz CPU speed. US$19.95,

-Shawn Barnett

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