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Better fonts for your NX

by Shawn Barnett

Posted November 20, 2003

One of my most persistent complaints about the otherwise dazzling CLIE devices has been the razor-thin fonts. They've been with the platform since the company's switch to 320 x 320 displays, and while the sound effects and GUIs have only gotten better, there have been only a few improvements to the fonts. Now there's a program that allows you to change some of those razor fonts to fatter, more readable fonts: Fonts4NX. The interface is simple enough. Just install the software and launch the program. Up comes a menu of buttons with all the included fonts shown. Just tap to select which one you want. The Sony CLIE version of the program includes three Handera fonts, Times Roman, Tahoma, SansSerif (a Univers-style font), and what they call "Tungsten T font." It's a close approximation, but not quite the same as the T's built in font. The good news is it's nothing like the CLIE's razor font. Unused fonts can be automatically stored on an expansion card until needed. The program is also available for other OS 5 devices (e.g.: Fonts4TT); and you can even choose that razor thin CLIE font for use on your palmOne device. US$8

-Shawn Barnett

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