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AvantGo brings news gathering software to OS 5

by Shawn Barnett

Posted May 23, 2003

Long a staple of Palm owners everywhere, the AvantGo application has recently been undergoing beta testing for use with the popular Palm Tungsten T and other Palm OS 5 machines. For some reason the old application wouldn't run in emulation so the AvantGo guys went to work right away to get the beta out to eager users who've come to depend on AvantGo for news and information on their favorite topics while on the go. It seems to change a little with every rev, and there's a new one about every three weeks. As of this writing, almost all the channels work as they're supposed to, and features have been tweaked to meet the needs of users. For awhile there, it was difficult to scroll down if there were icons on the screen, because the program would select each icon everytime you pressed the down button. Their ultimate goal was to make it easy to use the offline browser without having to remove the stylus or open the Graffiti area. Now the 5-Way navigator on the Tungsten T only scrolls up and down or back and forth to visited pages, but you can remap the four application buttons to better navigate. Date Book goes back one screen, Address Book makes selection, and To Do and Memo Pad move selections up and down. It's simple and effective. Some of the fonts are a little small, and are not currently adjustable. But it's still free, and still a great resource.

-Shawn Barnett

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