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Pen 34 Palm Content


Palm Page 34
PQAs aren't just for Sevens anymore

Lead Story

Digital Cameras for Palm OS
Kodak PalmPix and ideo eyemodule


Arkon Mounting Kits
PDA Holders keep your Palm where you need it as you drive

Fun from the early days of computer gaming

Add a SmartMedia slot to your Palm IIIx

Fitaly Stamp
Creative keyboard replacement solution

Rechargeable battery for regular Palms

Customize your Palm with that executive look

Keyspan USB PDA Adapter
Adapter enables Apple iBook and other USB devices to work with serial PDAs

Palm IIIc Auto/Air Recharger Kit
Kit makes Palm IIIc more mobile

Palm V Charger and Folding Cradle
Travel accessories from DSI

Pen News PQA
Making a basic PQA is easy, here's how we made ours

Shareware Sightings from Kermit Woodall

Add word completion software to your Palm

Time Management Video
Time management concepts for your favorite organizer

New E&B cases for Visor
Slipper case and stylus round out E&B's line

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