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Arkon Mounting Kits

PDA holders keep your Palm where you need it as you drive

by Shawn Barnett

New PDA mounting kits from Arkon include the CM228 shown here. Their standard holder slides securely into one of many mounting methods. The CM228 mounts on the dash surface with either double sticky tape or screws, or both. It can hold PDAs as small as a Palm V, or as large as a Symbol SPT1500. It includes a large, easily accessible pen and two spare batteries can be held in the foam behind the unit. Handheld units fit in easily, just press down on the bottom grips, and the springloaded holder adjusts to the correct size. The bottom grips adjust left to right to accommodate serial port access for a number of different types of machines. Tilt is controlled with click stops, offering easy adjustment and a firm, secure hold. Also available are cup holder mounts and window mounts. See their site for options you may have never considered. US$49.95 626-358-1133

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