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Slipper case and Pen round out E&B's line

by Shawn Barnett

We can always count on E&B Cases to keep up with the new models that come out, be they Palm OS, WinCE, Psion, or even notebooks. They've made no exception with the Visor. At left, you can see the Slipper VSR, available for US$31.95. It is also available with a swivel clip for US$34.95. It's made with very nice black leather and both form and function are simple. I like the new plastic windows they're using to keep the leather tight, yet offer easy access to the buttons. This is the same method used on my Palm VII Slipper case, and it works very well. The window for the Visor buttons has a particularly Star Trek look as it swoops up to meet the power button. There are pockets for cards and a small pocket that could hold a few bills folded in half. That fine leather smell completes the package.

As with other slipper cases, you can easily HotSync without removing the case, though with the Visor it may be a bit more difficult, since the Visor uses a pin on the back surface of the cradle that is designed to hold the contacts to the pins in the cradle, but this can't reach the notch in the Visor through the leather, so E&B includes a disk that you stick to the back that extends this hole a bit. Problem solved. Also available is the iPoint VSR pen. There are two models, one has a reset pin in the top, for US$15.95, and the other has both a reset pin and a writing pen inside for US$18.95. These styli are both easier to access in a Slipper case than a regular stylus.

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