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Pen 33 Palm Content


Palm Page 33
Palm is on top, but there's room for improvement

Lead Story

Jeff Hawkins
The man who almost single-handedly revived the handheld computer industry


Palm IIIc
See the World in living Palm Color

Palm IIIxe
Don't need color? Then give the Palm IIIxe a look

Satellite Forms
Very powerful forms software

Pendragon Forms
The easiest forms software gets better

JFile Pro and FM Sync
Database program: Macintosh users rejoice!

Action Names
What a difference a few revisions make

PocketMail Backflip
Get email absolutely anywhere there's a phone

Incipio Cases
Fun cases for your various Palm OS computers

MultiMail Pro
Actual Software does email right

Short looks at some of the best we've seen: Visor Holster, goVox five, Palm Portable Keyboard, Visor Modem, Intelligolf Module

Subway Encounter
I beamed with a stranger and my girlfriend flipped

The Bridge
Nifty little device bridges the cradle gap

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