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Incipio Cases

Fun cases for your various Palms

by Shawn Barnett

Telling the story of the Incipio cases from Inferno Industries required more photos than words, since the cases are so stylish and innovative. There are far more colors and textures than can be shown here, just rest assured they likely have a case that will fit your personal style. From wild to conservative, each design has practicality built in, with pockets for money, credit cards, business cards, and other mobile necessities.

Most of the cases hold the Palm in its place with Velcro, but one comes with a Visor snap-on lid that is held in place by a strip of cloth. The Visor then snaps in with ease, providing a secure hold.

Patterns and fabrics include red, yellow, and black nylon; blue, gray, red, and black vulcanized rubber; black and green "bubbles" (almost holographic); midnight, ocean, and arctic Armadillo; and the soft, fuzzy zebra, giraffe, python, and leopard prints. Always looking for new materials, their latest and greatest is Flextech 100% Real Carbon Fiber. Shown above in the middle Wrap case, this new material makes for a stiffer case that is slightly thicker than the other materials, and affords a little more protection. The price for this new material was not set at press time. Zip cases: US$24.95, Wrap cases: US$22.95. See them at,,, and

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