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The Bridge

Nifty little device bridges the cradle gap

by Shawn Barnett

The Palm computer is becoming so ubiquitous that all manner of peripherals are being created to enhance it. In this case, The Bridge was created to help with the problem of having devices from two different generations, either a Palm Pilot and a Palm III or a Palm V and a Palm III. Because each successive generation has had its own cradle (except the Palm VII), there are now three different cradles for Palm brand products. Users like myself have to go to the back of the computer every time we want to HotSync and swap the serial plug for each device we need to sync. The Bridge allows me to keep only two cradles on the desktop, swapping the bridge now and then. Why two? Well, there's the little matter of charging the Palm V. You can't do that with The Bridge, but it does save endless cable swapping, since the Palm V can charge without being connected to the serial port.

They're also designed to make HotSyncing possible with your Palm still in its case. Their website shows several cases that are compatible with The Bridge, eliminating the difficulty of removing your Palm from the case every time you need to HotSync.

The little gadgets slide on and off with ease, and retail for US$14.99 each.

-Shawn Barnett

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