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Palm Zire 21

Last of the monochrome Palms

by Shawn Barnett
SUMMARY--The Zire21 is the last monochrome Palm and the last that still looks and feels like the old Palm Pilots. Itas a sturdy, solid little unit that can take a beating. Since it doesnat have card slots or anything that moves or comes off, nothing can go wrong. However, sometimes nostalgia isnat what it used to be, as Yogi Berra might have said. A 160 x 160 monochrome display without any backlight whatsoever feels archaic. And weare now so used to color, music, multimedia and all sorts of expansion and connectivity that the stark minimalism of the Zire 21 seems from another era. As it, of course, is. On the other hand, the Zire 21 runs all the basic PIM apps, and thereas even a fairly nice software bundle that includes Handmarkas Mobile DB, PDA Money, the PowerOne calculator and even some games. Still, for just $30 more, the Zire 31 takes you into the 21st century. >