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You've entered the twilight zone. This is the section once devoted to Psion, Symbian, and the EPOC32 operating environment back when Psion handhelds were better than anything else on the market. Sadly, Psion never managed to translate that advantage into sales success, and now the Psion handhelds are gone. Symbian, of course, went on to become a major smartphone operating platform, and those are a bit outside of Pen Computing's main area of coverage. So this section is really an archive, frozen in time at around 2001. It contains selected contemporary columns, articles, and reviews from Pen Computing Magazine's erstwhile Psion/EPOC section.

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Psion Section columns

March 2001, issue 38:
It's almost all Symbian now
January 2001, issue 37:
Psion prepares for the new millennium
November 2000, issue 36:
Quartz, Crystal, Pearl?
April 2000, issue 33:
Who are these guys?
Feb 1999, issue 30:
Psion launches the impressive Series 5mx
October 1998, issue 26:
How smartphones will save the handheld market
Dec 1998, issue 25:
Symbian news, software, and Psion Series 5 ROMs
Oct 1998, issue 24:
EPOC32 vs. Windows CE
Aug 1998: issue 23:
Symbian: What it means to you
Jun 1998: issue 22:
OPL: What every user should know

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