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Palm Tungsten Treo 650

A much improved Treo, but some issues remain

by Harv Laser

SUMMARY--The palmOne Treo 650 is an enhanced, improved version of the original Handspring Treo 600, Handspring's last hurrah (listed above). The 600 was a smartphone that really deserved its name. It was an excellent phone and also an excellent Palm device. Unfortunately, it had a few shortcomings that have (almost) all been fixed in the Treo 650. Speed is much improved thanks to a fast Intel PXA chip. The VGA camera takes better pictures, especially in low light. The little thumbtype keyboard has been further improved. There is Bluetooth. And the display now has 320x320 pixel resolution and is a real TFT instead of the Treo 600's low res, faded CSTN relic. All of this makes the Treo an even better smartphone than the original 600. The only remaining problem is memory. It's the same old 32MB, and that is nowhere near enough.