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Splash Photo Image Viewer

A sensible photo viewing system that really moves on high-res handhelds

by David MacNeill

Posted May 23, 2003

Viewing your digital photographs on Palm-powered handhelds has always been a pain. Every piece of software we've seen is either hard to use, slow, buggy, incomplete, Windows only, or otherwise useless.

SplashData, one of my favorite Palm software developers, has now solved this problem with SplashPhoto (US$20), a sensible, foolproof, and thoroughly enjoyable system for turning your Palm into a photo viewer.

Supporting Windows PCs as well as Classic and OS X versions of Mac OS, SplashPhoto consists of three easy pieces. SplashPhoto Desktop is a straightforward, single-panel image selector and translator which is connected via a standard Palm HotSync conduit to the 187K SplashPhoto application on your Palm device. Before you transfer them, you can rotate, zoom/crop, adjust brightness and contrast, rename, categorize, and make private the photos you chose. Your images can be sent as either Palm-native PDB format or as straight JPG files and directed to either your devices memory or a SecureDigital card or Memory Stick if you have one. Your preferred resolution can be preselected a well, ranging from basic 12-bit 160x160 pixels to the 16-bit 320x480 size supported only by the Sony CLŽE NR/NX series of handhelds.

Once on your Palm, images can be displayed in thumbnail view, singly, or as a slideshow, either in sequential order or randomized.

-David MacNeill

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