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JP Systems SureWave Enterprise

Slick software keeps corporate PIM data in sync across devices

by Shawn Barnett

Posted May 23, 2003

As is always the case, the folks at JP Systems were thorough in their approach to my reviewing SureWave Enterprise. It's for this reason that I can say right up front that using the SureWave wireless email system is a smart way to go, because these folks know how to get things going quickly.

After following a relatively short setup process, I had my PC talking to three separate handheld devices, using three different networks: A Palm m515 over Bluetooth with a landline LAN connection to the Internet; a Compaq iPAQ running on a CDPD radio service; and a RIM device running on the Mobitex network.

I could pretty much end the article right now by saying that SureWave kept all three devices in complete sync with my incoming and outgoing email, contacts, and datebook without a hitch, no matter where I made changes, the changes were reflected across all devices and on the Exchange server, so that I always had the most current information with me no matter which device I chose to lug along. I even sat around making changes and syncing to see how fast the change was reflected. Of course, it was really fast.

The slowest device was also the most in sync, the RIM. While its network downloads weren't always instant, likely because of data congestion on the network, downloads of changes were automatic, being pushed to the device. One of the more tedious aspects of receiving data on multiple devices and computers is having to re-read and re-delete emails that you've already seen, or else not having what you need on the device you have-like a critical email that you sent and need to send again.

It should be noted that a simulated "push" can be done to devices like the Kyocera Smartphone and Handspring Treo, notifying the user with an SMS message that a change has been effected and they should sync to download that change.

It's not only a wireless solution, however. SureWave takes advantage of cradle synchronization as well, allowing users to save money on wireless access until it's actually necessary. That way a user's device is already updated before he leaves his desk to go mobile.

As I say, the system was easy to use, even though I was juggling and syncing multiple devices with such different interfaces.

On the Palm, the system uses JP System's One Touch Mail program, so I already knew how to use that. On the Pocket PC, it was the standard email Inbox, and on the RIM device I used the SureWave application.

It was all so easy to use that I ended up bugging JP System's Angela Power to no end, exploring arcane detail because I just couldn't deal with the fact that such a complicated thing was so simple.

As for security, I didn't have much to do with that. But I'm told it's SSL for both wireless and cradle sync, and the IT department installs the app behind the company firewall; no outside vendor's server is involved, as is the case with some other solutions. Looks like a great solution for companies with multiple devices among their employees, offering a single solution to an industry-wide problem: easy and timely management of company communications.

It works with both Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange, and will soon include support for Symbian devices like Nokia's Communicator.

-Shawn Barnett

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