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Garmin iQue 3600

GPS Palm device announced

by Shawn Barnett

Posted May 23, 2003

Garmin International introduced its iQue 3600 PDA with built-in GPS at the January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new device uses Palm OS 5 and a 320 x 480 transflective TFT. Its virtual Graffiti area allows the device to display larger maps, because it can be moved out of the way. The first Palm OS device to use Motorola's new 150MHz DragonBall MXL ARM 9 processor, the iQue has 32MB RAM, high-fidelity audio, and an SD slot for expansion. Just like its name, the iQue includes Garmin's Que Technology, software that "delivers the benefits of GPS-based location awareness to PDA users in a friendly format," according to the company. A flip-up antenna provides GPS reception, best kept in the horizontal position; when flipped out, the GPS automatically turns on. The Palm's Date Book is then integrated into the system, allowing for navigation from where the user is to the address in question.

When using the MapSource CD-ROM, users can look up addresses to points of interest, like restaurants and gas stations, and get turn-by-turn directions from point A to B, with both audible and graphical cues. Dimensions are 5.0 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches, weight 5.2 ounces. There is a wire-mounted leather flip cover that flips up from the bottom to allow room for the antenna. This is also the first third-party device to use Palm's Universal connector, which hopefully means it will be compatible with existing Palm peripherals. Expected in the second quarter of 2003, the iQue 3600 will be priced at US$589.

-Shawn Barnett

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