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Monarch/Paxar 6015

Handheld printer for the Palm

One of the hot new products at ScanTech this year was Monarch/Paxar's new 6015 printer. It accepts any Palm III-form compatible computer and allows it to print out receipts, inventory reports, or even memos. Its ergonomic design means it fits in your hand nicely, with a strap to slip your hand into for extra security. Running on four AA batteries, the Monarch 6015 prints on two and a quarter inch thermal paper, and can produce 100 four inch receipts without a change of batteries. Its uses were shown at ScanTech by coupling it with a Symbol SPT-1500 and Steven's Creek Software's Palm Print. It became a mobile order taking device, barcode scanning a customer's choices right off the menu, and printing out an order slip right there.

The Monarch 6015 weighs less than 16 ounces, and cradles the Palm comfortably. Reloading the paper is as easy as pulling up the clamshell cover at the edges and dropping a new roll in place. The unit cannot only help you read barcodes, it can also print them.

A joke I got often as I walked around was that I could use it to give women my phone number. If I had any requests for my phone number, that would be a good idea.


Print Width: 2 inches
Print Density: 203 dpi
Dimensions: H 2.38" W3.38" L 8.31"
Weight: .92 lbs
Interface: Serial RS232
Memory: 64K
Power: 4 AA NiCad, NiMH, Alkaline
Battery Life: 100 4" receipts per charge
Print Speed: 1 inch per second
Options: AC Power Adapter
Warranty: 1 year 800-543-6650

-Shawn Barnett

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