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TrueTip: The un-stylus

Point and tap in a whole new way

by Shawn Barnett

November 2001, Pen Computing 42

Long in the wings waiting for a review, the TrueTip at lower right is getting new colors, and a brother, the Pen Cap Styli, shown at left. The TrueTip is a fingertip stylus made of durable nylon designed top prevent scratches on the screen. It fits on most fingers with a stretch or a crimp and has a terribly small learning curve because we're all too used to pointing with our fingers (our gradeschool teachers would be horrified). In a pinch, many will use their fingernail, but TrueTip is far more effective. It's even finding use as an aid for people with disabilities and injuries who have a difficult time holding a stylus. The Pen Cap Stylus is a new product from TrueTip. It's a simple enough design, replacing the cap of a standard Bic pen with the familiar conical TrueTip point. I find I use this very often, since I always have a pen on my desk; all I have to do is flip it around to have a nice stylus. TrueTip is available for US$9.99 for three. Available colors are black, red, green, and glow in the dark. Pen Cap Styli are US$9.99 for four.

-Shawn Barnett

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