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SanDisk SecureMate

SD Card Reader gives full file access

by Shawn Barnett

November 2001, Pen Computing 42

The new Palm standard for storage is the SD card, and to get things onto the card, you typically use the HotSync application. But what if you want to use the cards for other things, like shuttling files between home and work? Or what if you just want to see where Palm is storing your files? Well, you can use SanDisk's SecureMate SD Card Reader for one. It's a USB device that installs in less than a minute, and mounts SD and MMC cards like any other disk.

There are no moving parts, only an LED that flashes as the SecureMate continuously checks for a card to be inserted. When the card is inserted, you can go to Windows Explorer and access the card. On a Mac, the card will appear on the desktop. From there you can navigate using the standard tree structure. To load Palm OS programs so that they automatically load on insertion, just copy the files into the directory: Palm/Launcher.

The SecureMate worked flawlessly, so I can recommend it heartily. US$29.95

-Shawn Barnett

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