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Ondata Cases

Not just another pretty case

While there are many luxury Palm cases on the market, I think you'll be hard pressed to find one like the Ondata leather case. An Italian leather design company, Ondata has taken style and functionality to the next level with their hand-stitched leather cases. Ondata employs craftsmen skilled in several different areas, allowing them to turn out beautiful pieces that anyone would be proud to own.

When you first see the case, you're struck by the excellent workmanship: the fine quality leather, the hand stitching and the stainless steel fixture that allows easy opening. Upon opening the case, you see it is custom designed for the Palm III or V. Ondata uses a special digitally controlled water cutting process to ensure proper fit with the buttons and other areas properly exposed. The leather cuts include the serial port, allowing HotSyncing while the Palm is still in the case. I had some difficulty syncing my IBM WorkPad while in the case. Ondata is investigating this.

Magnets hold the flip cover in place, making sure it stays closed when not in use. Two padded cover snaps make sure the Palm sits snugly in place. It is still easy to remove the Palm from the case, however, to change batteries for example.

Turn the case over and you find what Ondata calls a "rear-side finger harness." You slip your hand through elastic loops which provide a firm grip. It is very comfortable while ensuring you won't accidentally drop your unit. Ondata uses ergonomic engineers in the design process and it shows.

It is obvious that Ondata carefully researched the design of this case. Ondata is so proud of their work, each case has its own serial number and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It would make a great gift for anyone, including yourself. At present, it is available for the Palm III and Palm V. Ondata is investigating additional models, such as for the Palm VII and Handspring Visor. The cases are available in Burnished, Black, Green, Red and Blue. US$119 510-665-3549 -

-Michael Steinberg

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