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Stick-on keyboard

Just when you thought they couldn't think of another way to get information in your Palm, a company comes along that turns heads. Future Technology Labs in Japan has come up with a very innovative method of typing into your Palm: a stick-on keyboard that relies on software to sense the location of small, thumb-activated keys. Because it covers the Graffiti screen icons, they've programmed a little fly-up menu that displays a picture of said icons, thus eliminating the problem. It actually works quite well. Those of us with larger thumbs might have a bit of trouble, but I was pleasantly surprised that it worked as well as it did, especially when it's controlled by beta software. While it's designed to eliminate use of pen input, it does have pads that must be pressed with a pen. The ThumbType keyboard sticks and resticks with foam tape. Very interesting concept. Their US contact is MicroBurst Inc.

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