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The Marcus Presenting the Marcus, the Elise, and the Morgan. Designed by the editors of Pen Computing for those who are living the handheld computing lifestyle. In the finest leather and using the best hardware, these cases are perfect for those who have everything and want to take it with them. The Elise
The Marcus handheld computer case, a handsomely rugged solution when you have a lot to carry. Includes shoulder strap and integral handstrap. Measures 9.5"x7"x4". Click for more detail.


The Elise, an elegant handbag designed for women carrying handheld computers. Includes shoulder strap. The Elise Sport with fanny strap is also available. Measures 9.5"x7"x4". Click for more detail.


The Morgan

The new Morgan slimline case for men and women. Essentially a half-thickness version of the Marcus, this sleek case is easy to hold yet carries your handheld computer or PDA, PC Cards, credit cards, checkbook, money, pens, and papers. In black leather and stainless steel hardware.
Available after July 15. Reserve your Morgan slimline case today!

The Morgan slimline handheld computer case, with integral handstrap. Measures 9.5"x7"x2". Click for more detail.


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