Pen Computing Magazine Editorial Guidelines

Our audience

Pen Computing's readership is quite diverse. It ranges from technical specialists, to decision-making managers, to executives, to consumers interested in new technology. However, our readership shares a passion for new technology that will help them get their tasks completed faster, better, and more efficiently.

Types of contributions

Pen Computing Magazine seeks submissions relating to pen computing technology, PDAS, and mobile and wireless computing. Submissions can be in the form of columns, reviews, opinions, or feature articles about certain topics. Submissions should not have been published elsewhere, unless agreed to by the editor-in-chief.

Physical format

Contributions are to be submitted electronically in a wordprocessing or electronic mail file. We cannot accept type or handwritten submissions.


The length of a submission will be negotiated between the editors and the contributor. General guidelines are: One page columns - 900 words; two-page columns/features: 1,600 words; side bars: 100 - 300 words; full features negotiated.


Pen Computing Magazine welcomes graphics and photographs in submissions. With photographs, we assume that the contributor owns the right to have the photograph reproduced. We assume graphics to have been prepared by the contributor or his/her staff. Graphics must be submitted in EPS, TIFF, or PICT file format. All EPS files must include any fonts or graphic elements referred to by the EPS file.


The publishing schedule of Pen Computing Magazine, nominally bi-monthly, may vary due to trade shows or other events. Always inquire with the editorial staff for actual submission deadlines. If you cannot make a promised deadline, notify the editorial office well in advance so that we can make alternate plans. Pen Computing Magazine will not pay a honorarium for a time-critical submission that arrives past the deadline.

Editorial process

After receiving your article, we will read it into Microsoft Word 5.1 on a Macintosh computer, perform a general review, and then edit as required for space or clarity. During this phase, we may contact the contributor with questions or comments. The final version will then be used in Quark Xpress on a Macintosh.


Writers and contributors may include an up-to-date writer's blurb at the end of their submission. The blurb should contain the contributor's background and qualifications, and a way to contact him or her. Blurbs should not contain advertisement for a contributor's other ventures.

Editorial advice

Pen Computing Magazine's readership is technically knowledgeable. Keep the amount of introductory "fluff" to a minimum. Always offer "value-added" information rather than just rewriting a press release or a spec sheet.


Pen Computing Magazine negotiates compensation on a case-by-case basis. Among determining factors are experience and reputation of the contributor, complexity of the submission, and time involved. Provision of ad space in lieu of payment and exchange of editorial submissions are also possible. As a general guideline, per word compensation ranges between 10 and 50 cents
per word, one page columns between $150 and $450, and full features between $100 and $1000.

Style, grammar, etc.

Please submit articles in Microsoft Word 5.1 for Mac or Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0. Use single spaced New York or Times Roman font, 12 point size throughout the submission. You may use bold and italic text, but no underlines, please. Use real (i.e. "smart") quotes and apostrophes throughout, except when indicating distance in feet or inches. Use only a single space character after each sentence, a single carriage return after each paragraph, and a single tab at the beginning line of each paragraph. All text should be left aligned, without justification or hyphenation. Do not embed graphics. Instead, include as separate TIFF or EPS files with captions in separate text files. Do not use headers, footers, or page numbers. Before submitting, spell check and correct the entire submission, and indicate the number of words at the beginning of the file. If you send an update to a previous submission, please use revision numbers (e.g. rev 1.1).


We assume that any submissions to Pen Computing Magazine are solely owned by the contributor. Upon request, Pen Computing Magazine will grant a contributor full copyright of a submission as long as non-exclusive first time publishing rights are granted to us. Else, the submission will be copyrighted by Pen Computing Magazine.

Reprints of submissions

Pen Computing Magazine will provide free of charge three copies of the issue in which a contributor's submission appears. For commercially produced reprints, contact Pen Computing Magazine at 516-681-2119.

Complaints and Corrections

Complaints about factuality or accuracy are reported immediately to the editor-in-chief who will investigate the matter. If a legitimate correction is in order, it will be printed prominently in the next issue of the magazine.

Giving credit

Pen Computing Magazine will always give credit when referring to and/or reporting on matters reported on elsewhere first.

Contact with Editorial Office

Long distance calls are expensive and everybody hates voice mail. Therefore, all contact with the editorial office is via email. Contact editor-in-chief Conrad H. Blickenstorfer at and senior editor David MacNeill at

Conflicts of interest

We require full disclosure of any potential situation which could be seen as influencing your opinion or description of a product, topic, or service. If you have a potential conflict of interest, inform your editor so that we can determine a course of action.

Editorial/advertising separation

The editorial and the advertising office of Pen Computing Magazine are strictly separate. They do not even share office space. Advertisers do not have any influence on editorial staff decisions. They also cannot review or approve editorial content prior to publication. Advertising may not promise editorial coverage of a product in return for purchase of advertisement space. Editorial staff may not attempt to influence vendors to advertise.


Email to all submissions to or unless directed otherwise. Do NOT mail or fax hardcopy unless directed.

(as of 02/03/96)

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