This section contains a listing of all developer-related reviews from past issues of the print version of Pen Computing Magazine. For a complete listing of all pen development tools check out the latest issue of Pen Computing Magazine.

Pen Development Reviews

Pen Services for Windows 95

Pen for OS/2 Update

Interview: PelicanWare's Don Vollum

An Introduction to the GEOS Operating System

Newton-Desktop IR: The GizmoBeam/ActiSys Solution

WinPen 2.0: A Promising Secret

Pen Computing and Windows 95

Programming Visual Basic for Pen Input

Mobile Strategies: Mobile Software Development

A Feasibility Study: Construction Inspection for the Wisconsin DOT

Intelligent Forms

First Look: Newton OS 2.0

csInStep for Newton

Instant Text and the One Finger Keyboard

HOPE! development environment

OmniForm for Newton

PenRight! for Windows

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