Full text of historic reviews of pen-based rugged computers, pen notebooks, slates, and handhelds, as well as related pen software. Those reviews were conducted between 1995 and 1996.

 AMS MediaPro
Badger GT-486N Computer 
 Bandai @World (Pippin)
 Casio PA-100A
Casio DT-900
  Epson EHT-400
Hammerhead 586
 HardBody PC
 Husky FC-486
IBM ThinkPad 360PE
IBM Sure Point
 Itronix X-C 6000
IBM ThinkPad 730TE
Inforite Phoenix
  M3i PCMOBILE 486
Medical software for MS-DOS/Windows
 Motorola Forte
 Norand Pen*Key 6100/6600
 Panasonic JT-900PT
 PenRight! for Windows
 Recognition by Papyrus
 RDC Nightingale preview
 RoughWriter 730TE
Symbol PPT-4600
 SmARTwriter recognizer
Telxon PTC-1134
  TelePad 3 Design Review
VideoPad VP-7
 Zenith CruisePad