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Hewlett Jornada 820

Hewlett Packard announced their Windows CE H/PC Pro and called it the Jornada 820 (pronounced jor-nada, meaning journey in Spanish). It is a mini-laptop clamshell design measuring 9.7 by 7.0 by 1.3 inches--similar to the HP Omnibooks--and weighing 2.5 pounds. One of the most striking features of the unit is the 8.2" VGA (640 x 480 CSTN) 256 color display.

Another nice feature is the Jornada’s large 75 key keyboard that has a 17.2mm key pitch keyboard (90% full size). There is an on/off key and eleven application quick launch keys. Also, you can put the keyboard into a 10-key mode for data entry. Like Samsung’s new H/PC Pro device, the Jornada uses a touchpad rather than a pen as the pointing device for Windows CE. This will no doubt please some of HP’s current notebook customers who may not be familiar with the pen. Time will tell which interface works better with Windows CE handhelds. The unit also has a voice recorder for quick notes.

The Jornada has a VGA-out port so you can plug a monitor in for PowerPoint presentations in resolutions up to 1024 x 768. There is also USB (Universal Serial Bus), Fast Infrared (IrDA 1.1), and serial ports, and a 56K v.90 controller-less modem. The controller-less modem is a software modem that extends the battery life while increasing performance of the system. For expansion, the Jornada has a type II PC Card slot as well as a type II CF+ CompactFlash slot. It uses a standard lithium ion battery that lasts ten hours. If you need more run time, you can purchase an extended life lithium battery with a run time of 15 hours. According to HP, that battery does not alter the appearance or size of the unit.

The Jornada is powered by an Intel StrongARM SA-1100 CPU at 190MHz, making it, at least in theory, the fastest of the currently announced H/PC Pros. The Jornada has 16MB of RAM, and it is expandable to 32MB. The unit has 16MB of user upgradeable ROM.
HP’s latest includes the standard applications for the H/PC Pro — Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Outlook (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Inbox), Pocket PowerPoint, Pocket Access, Pocket Internet Explorer, InkWriter, and Acessories (Calculator, World Clock, Terminal, Solitaire, and Voice Recorder). Also, the Jornada includes HP Jornada viewer, HP Jornada dialup, HP Jornada hot keys, HP Jornada settings, HP Jornada show, HP Jornada backup, LandWare OmniSolve, bsquare bFAX Pro, bsquare bFIND, Proxim RangeLAN-2 driver in ROM. The Jornada Viewer is very special in that it allows the user to view their Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks at the same time! Also, on CD-ROM the user can install HP TopTools Agent (system management for the DMI-compliant Jornada), REX and REX Pro (TrueSync CE 2.0), Microsoft Java Virtual Machine, Citrix ICA client, and INSO file viewer.

The HP Jornada 820 also comes in an 820e version for markets other than North America. It is identical except that the unit does not have the 56K internal modem. The Jornada’s list price is US$999 and includes the one-year parts-and-labor HP Customer Care standard warranty.

You can find out more information on the HP Jornada at

- Chris De Herrera

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